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BGEN /biˈɡin/


to proceed to perform the first or earliest part of some action; commence; start:






“Going back to the traditional office seems like a thing of the past.   BGEN is a post-pandemic office alternative. Many new business owners underestimate the cost of owning or renting their own office space. With BGEN, memberships are month to month. The space is fully furnished. No utilities to pay. No supplies to buy. No repairs or maintenance and super-fast internet. You have one payment each month and BGEN takes care of the rest.” – Brian Ziegelheafer Co-Founder & Director

The Brew at BGEN
The Brew at BGEN


The Brew at BGEN happens monthly every second Tuesday morning at 8 am. This event is free and open to the public.

The plan is simple, one or two entrepreneurs will present their businesses to an audience consisting of YOU, mentors, advisers, business executives, and other entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur will present for six minutes, followed by a 20-minute question-and-answer session with the audience.

The program offers an opportunity to explain any hardships or challenges you’re trying to work through. Think of it as Shark Tank, but instead of trying to find funding, you are trying to find solutions. Not getting enough foot traffic? Not sure how to market your small business effectively? Needing advice on accounting or legal issues? This is the place to engage with a community that wants to engage and assist. It’s a vibe. Come and enjoy yourself while helping out at the same time.

What is BGEN?

BGEN (pronounced “begin”) works with start-up companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and the mobile workforce to help by providing workspace, mentorship, expertise, access to networking, educational resources, and sometimes capital (in the form of micro-loans via our community partners).


April 2024 Update!

We currently have two retail spaces and one co-working space available. Spaces start at $150 a month. Use our contact page to schedule a tour or to request more information.


  • Coaching/mentoring
  • Access to outside network of mentors
  • Links to strategic partners
  • Collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs

Facility Based Services

  • Co-working office space
  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Conference Room
  • Shipping fulfillment station
  • Training space
  • Business mailing address

Business Services

  • Assist with business idea analysis
  • Business model/plan
  • Technology training
  • Marketing assistance


  • Business training programs
  • Links to higher education and resources
  • Group training
  • Workshops
  • E-Learning
  • Presentations


  • Accounting training/services
  • Financial management training
  • Access to commercial loan vendors
  • Assistance with grant availability

Brand Development

  • In-house assistance with graphic design
  • In-house search engine optimization training
  • In-house web design assistance and training
  • In-house professional photography and video services
  • In-house social media strategist
BGEN is for students too!

BGEN is for students too!

Collaboration, Inspiration, and Coffee. Those are three things that make BGEN different from your typical office or workspace. Coworking spaces are helpful for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small businesses, but students are benefiting as well. Who?  That's...

Why BGEN as a place to work or start a business?

Why BGEN as a place to work or start a business?

BGEN is a membership-based space where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other independent professionals work together. In 2015, researchers discovered that people who belong to one of these styles of coworking memberships report higher levels of professional thriving....

How To Start Freelancing:

How To Start Freelancing:

With its knowledge of technology and creative mindset, BGEN is a reliable home base for freelancers. It’s a big step to getting a freelance career off the ground, but BGEN's workspace can help you establish yourself quickly. Learn how to start freelancing with support...

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain
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According to a 2010 study by the National Business Incubation Association:
The survival rate of startups using business incubators is 87% compared to 44% for startups that didn’t use incubators.


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